Virtual Birth Planning ($350):

One virtual or phone visit to discuss the specific desires you have for your birth.

Resources and guidance as you discover your options related to your birth plan:

  • Birth plan worksheets.
  • Resource suggestions for personal study.
  • Assistance in finding a local doula, if outside the Rochester, MN area.
  • Discussion of your birth and labor questions.

Phone and text support beginning at 38 weeks and continuing up to one week postpartum.

Basic Birth Package ($1,000)

Two in-home prenatal visits with you and your family.

Resources and guidance as you make your birth plan.

Daytime phone and text support beginning at 38 weeks and continuing up to your delivery.

Twenty-four hour on-call availability for your labor and delivery, beginning two weeks prior to your due date.

Continuous in-person support throughout your labor and up to 2 hours after delivery:

  • Assistance with mobility and positioning.
  • Non-medical comfort measures.
  • Guidance for your birth partner in how to best support you.
  • Explanations of procedures or interventions being offered.
  • Any specific emotional or physical support discussed in your prenatal visit.

One in-home postpartum visit.

Written Birth Story

Total Care Birth Package ($1,250):

All basic birth package items plus:

One additional in-home prenatal visit for the purpose of extended birth education.

Attendance of one prenatal visit with your provider, if desired.

Daytime phone support beginning at 38 weeks and continuing up to two weeks postpartum.

One additional postpartum visit and New Mama gift basket.

Additional Travel Fees (one time payment):

30-40 miles outside of Rochester ($50)

40-50 miles outside of Rochester ($75)

Locations further than 50 miles will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Any paid fees will transfer if you choose to upgrade before 38 weeks (subject to availability if upgrading from virtual birth planning to an in-person birth package.)